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September 22, 2022
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November 11, 2022
2022 Accreditation &
Regulatory Summit
Hardwiring Compliance
in the Post-COVID Era
September 28-29, 2022
Courtyard Dallas Allen
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Allen, TX
2022 HACP
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September 27-28, 2022
Courtyard Dallas Allen
at the Event Center
Allen, TX

2022 Accreditation & Regulatory Summit

Hardwiring Compliance
in the Post-COVID Era
Hardwiring Compliance
in the Post-COVID Era
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Featured Speakers & Topics

Healthcare organizations are emerging from the COVID pandemic more vulnerable in the regulatory arena than ever before. The impact cannot be overstated. For many organizations, their culture of compliance has been placed at-risk. This keynote presentation makes the case for why hospitals and other healthcare entities must work to reestablish a culture that supports regulatory compliance from the ground up and from top to bottom.
Without buy-in from your physicians and staff, there will be no culture of compliance. Leadership can set the tone, but it’s the front-line workers that bring it home. This presentation will provide a road-map on how to engage physicians and staff in a way that supports your organization’s culture and efforts at regulatory compliance.
Richard Curtis, RN, MS, HACP
Richard (Rick) Curtis is the Chief Executive Officer for CIHQ. Rick is nationally recognized as an expert on standards and the CMS Certification & Survey Process. As CEO, Rick successfully guided CIHQ in becoming the nation’s 4th CMS approved deeming authority for acute care hospitals.
Rick has been a regular speaker at numerous state and national conferences on the CMS survey process.
Rick is nationally certified in healthcare accreditation, and serves as Chair of the Board of Examiners for the Healthcare Accreditation Certification Program (HACP). Rick has a degree in Nursing from the University of Hawaii, with a Master’s Degree in Health Services Administration.

Chances are most people have little knowledge of the Medicare 855A enrollment form. That needs to change. Having an accurate and up to date enrollment database is the first step in establishing a culture of compliance. Did you know that an improperly filed 855A can result in allegations of Medicare fraud! This session will give you all the information you need to understand what the 855A is, and why it’s important to your organization.
Traci Curtis BA, RCP, HACP
Traci Curtis is the Executive Director of Survey Operations for CIHQ. Traci has more than 32 years of experience in healthcare including regulatory compliance and survey preparation.
Traci has held clinical as well as executive management positions at the corporate and facility level in Respiratory Services, Regulatory Compliance, Quality, Risk, Infection Control and Education.
Traci joined CIHQ in 2007 as a Generalist Lead Surveyor and in 2011 was promoted to her executive level position. Currently she oversees the accreditation division for hospitals, freestanding emergency centers, urgent care centers and congregate living health facilities, as well as business development and marketing.

Findings in the physical environment continue to be the leading cause of condition-level deficiencies during survey activity. Many times, such findings are generational in nature – meaning they occur from one survey cycle to the next. It’s time to get off the merry-go-round! This presentation will offer practical strategies on how to identify and correct compliance issues in the physical environment – once and for all.
William Kinch, MBA, HACP-PE
William (Billy) Kinch is a senior facilities specialist surveyor with CIHQ specializing in environmental health and safety. Billy is responsible for standards development and interpretation for the physical environment and emergency preparedness standards for CIHQ. Billy is a regular speaker as part of CIHQ’ monthly webinars and also speaks at State and National conferences.
Billy also acts as the content expert in developing the HACP-PE certification exam.
Billy received his Master Degree in Business Administration from Phoenix University, and is a certified healthcare accreditation specialist specializing in the care environment (HACP-PE).

How can you possibly be successful with medical record documentation when hundreds of physicians, nurses, therapists, and other personnel are involved. It’s difficult… but not impossible. This presentation will offer real-world solutions in designing your medical record (paper or electronic) in ways that reduce documentation variation among practitioners. Then you’ll learn practical strategies to audit records in a way that identifies specific practitioner documentation issues so that effective corrective actions can occur.
Kim McGuire MSN, RN, HACP
Kimberly McGuire is a Generalist Surveyor for CIHQ/ARS. Kim has more than 25 years of experience in healthcare including regulatory compliance and survey preparation. Kim’s background is in nursing with a focus in Cardiac Intensive Care and Oncology.
Kim has held clinical as well as executive management positions in Nursing, Quality and Regulatory Compliance. Kim joined CIHQ in 2019 as a Generalist Surveyor.
Kim received her Associate degree in Nursing from Millard Fillmore Hospital School of Nursing. She subsequently received a Bachelor degree from Excelsior College and then her Master degree from Grand Canyon University. She is nationally certified in healthcare accreditation (HACP).

All the hardwiring in the world won’t help if your organization cannot effectively manage an actual survey. It’s said that preparation is the key to success. It’s also said that without execution, preparation is meaningless. Both are true when it comes to succeeding in the survey process. From document preparation to dealing with the unexpected, this webinar will provide a wealth of practical advice on how to prepare, manage, and yes -- hardwire your survey.
Gina Miller, MSN, RN, HACP
Gina Miller is a Generalist Surveyor for CIHQ/ARS. Gina has more than 37 years of experience in healthcare including regulatory compliance and survey preparation. Gina has held clinical as well as executive management positions in Nursing, Case Management, Quality and Regulatory Compliance.
Gina joined CIHQ in 2017 as a Generalist Surveyor and became a Lead Surveyor in 2018.
Gina received her BSN from Alderson-Broaddus University and MSN from Western Governor’s University. She is nationally certified in healthcare accreditation (HACP).

The conference is over and now the work begins. How do you take back the information and make actionable change in your hospital – and as importantly – do it in a way that is engaging, positive, and yes… even fun! This closing presentation will leave you energized (and smiling) as you leave with the conference with tools and tips to turn the conference ending into your hospital’s beginning!
Ron Culberson
Ron Culberson is a speaker, author, and humorist. Ron is a former hospice social worker, middle manager, and senior director. Ron shows healthcare organizations how to achieve higher quality and boost productivity via humor and engagement - how to do it well and make it fun.
Based on his newest book – If Not Now, When – Ron focuses on how we approach our work and it includes some perspectives on mindfulness, managing our expectations, and connecting more fully with others. He helps audiences understand that excellence combined with fun and humor leads to an even greater level of success.