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2024 Accreditation & Regulatory Summit

CIHQ' Silver Jubilee
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Additional Summit Information
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Featured Topics

CAPT Scott J. Cooper, a United States Public Health Service (USPHS) Commissioned Corps Physician Assistant (PA) officer has been serving as the CMS Director of the Division of Continuing and Acute Care Providers (DCACP) in the Quality, Safety & Oversight Group (QSOG) since June 2022.
In that role, he developed and guided the publication of numerous national rules aimed at improving the safety and care of all patients in hospitals as well as other types of healthcare facilities participating in the Medicare program throughout the nation.
In addition to holding a Master of Medical Science degree from the Emory University School of Medicine, Scott holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.
Dr. Fenton is a Professor and the Vice Dean for Education at the University of Texas McWilliams School of Biomedical Informatics in Houston, TX. She also leads the Center for Quality Healthcare IT Improvement (CQHII) focusing on assisting providers in low-resource settings with their HIT needs.
Dr. Fenton’s research focuses on the use and implementation of ICD-11, workforce development, and the optimization of HIT for preventive and chronic care delivery in low-resource settings. She serves on a variety of regional and national professional association committees and boards.
Christie is the CEO of QCC Healthcare Consultants where she works with healthcare organizations to improve their compliance, quality, and operational efficiencies. As a healthcare risk manager, Christie is instrumental in identifying successes and areas of opportunities for her clients, assisting them in achieving the highest level of quality care for their patients.
Christie is the founder and president of the Texas Healthcare Advisory Council serving healthcare professionals in the DFW area. She also serves on the North Texas Association for Healthcare Quality (NTAHQ) Board.
David Balat is the founder of Healthcare Finance Specialists and has broad experience across the healthcare spectrum with special expertise in health care finance. He is a former seasoned hospital executive with over 20 years of healthcare industry leadership and executive management experience.
David has testified before the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform in Washington, D.C., and before various House committees in the Texas state Legislature. He is a published author and op-ed columnist in Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, Real Clear Politics, and other news outlets. He is also an active speaker and commentator on matters of health policy, health care finance, and health care reform.
Jon Jednak is a culinary professional with over 20 years of experience. In 2013, he joined Healthcare Services Group (HCSG) as a Manager-In-Training. In 2018, he was selected to become an Area Executive Chef.
Jon attended East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, and graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor's degree in Science Hospitality Management. He then continued his education at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa, California, earning a certificate in the Accelerated Culinary Program.
After completing his graduate studies, he served as a restaurant consultant, worked at various country clubs and restaurants on the East Coast, and eventually ran his own restaurant in Lamy, NM.
Pat is a Senior Consultant and Head of Consulting Services at Courtemanche & Associates. Working in collaboration with the C&A Leaders, Pat manages Courtemanche & Associate’s business development initiatives and oversees the clinical delivery of services and support. With her extensive healthcare experience, Pat serves as a knowledgeable resource to new and existing clients, helping to guide them through their accreditation and regulatory needs.
Pat is a graduate of St. John’s University, Queens, New York where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences. She also holds the following certifications: Six Sigma Green Belt, Certified Healthcare Accreditation Professional (HACP), and is a Master Trainer in TeamSTEPPS.
Richard (Rick) Curtis is the Chief Executive Officer for CIHQ. Rick is nationally recognized as an expert on standards and the CMS Certification & Survey Process. As CEO, Rick successfully guided CIHQ in becoming the nation’s 4th CMS approved deeming authority for acute care hospitals.
Rick is a regular speaker at numerous state and national conferences on the CMS survey process.
Rick is nationally certified in healthcare accreditation, and serves as Chair of the Board of Examiners for the Healthcare Accreditation Certification Program (HACP). Rick has a degree in Nursing from the University of Hawaii, with a Master’s degree in Health Services Administration.
Callie Wilde is the VP of Clinical Compliance & Accreditation for Baylor Scott & White Healthcare System with over 12 years of experience in healthcare regulatory environment. Callie’s team oversees all accreditation, state and CMS clinical regulations and surveys for the health care system.
Callie has been a nurse for almost 20 years and received her Doctorate in Nursing Practice (focus on leadership) in 2022 from the University of Texas at Arlington. Callie’s true passion is partnering with frontline staff and leaders to help establish a continuous readiness culture focused on patient safety and zero harm to patients, staff, and visitors.
Dr. Wilson is the President of ACPHealth. ACPHealth is a healthcare company focused on Hospital Transformation to allow rural communities to thrive in the new financial realities of hospital operations.
Clinically, Dr. Wilson has worked in or led more than 20 different emergency departments from Level 1 Trauma Centers to undesignated small critical access facilities across 4 States over the last 19 years.
Dr. Wilson also serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine at Texas A&M College of Medicine, and as an Advisory Board Member in the Texas A&M Mays School of Management.
Brenda Helms is a seasoned healthcare professional with 26 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, specializing in accreditation for the past 12 years.
As a recognized subject matter expert in accreditation and survey readiness, Brenda has led multiple site surveys across various facilities with the largest non-for-profit healthcare system in the state of Texas. Brenda’s expertise extends beyond the administrative realm, as she provides mentoring and support to multiple clinical leaders, contributing to the development of a robust healthcare system.
Brenda has a Master’s in Business Administration and Healthcare Management, a Bachelor’s in Nursing, and an Associate on Applied Science in Paramedicine.
Jessica Wisdom is a Generalist Surveyor for CIHQ/ARS. Jessica has more than 17 years of experience in healthcare including regulatory compliance and survey preparation.
Jessica’s clinical background is in counseling/psychology with a focus in community mental health.
She has held clinical as well as executive management positions in Counseling, Regulatory Compliance, Quality, Risk Education, and Infection Control. Prior to joining CIHQ, Jessica served as the Chief Clinical Integration Officer for the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.
Jessica received her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington.
William (Billy) Kinch is a senior facilities specialist surveyor with CIHQ specializing in environmental health and safety. Billy is responsible for standards development and interpretation for the physical environment and emergency preparedness standards for CIHQ. Billy is a regular speaker as part of CIHQ’ monthly webinars and speaks at state and national conferences.
Billy also acts as the content expert in developing the HACP-PE certification exam.
Billy received his Master degree in Business Administration from Phoenix University and is a certified healthcare accreditation specialist specializing in the care environment (HACP-PE).
Matthew Grissinger is the Director of Education at the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP). He first joined ISMP in 2000 as an ISMP Safe Medication Management Fellow.
Mr. Grissinger serves as the Chair for the National Coordinating Council for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention (NCC MERP), and Co-Chair of the National Quality Form (NQF) Common Formats Expert Panel. Mr. Grissinger is an adjunct assistant professor for Temple University School of Pharmacy. Mr. Grissinger received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Pharmacy from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science and is a fellow of the Institute for Safe Medication Practices as well as the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists.
Richard (Rick) Curtis is the Chief Executive Officer for CIHQ. Rick is nationally recognized as an expert on standards and the CMS Certification & Survey Process. As CEO, Rick successfully guided CIHQ in becoming the nation’s 4th CMS approved deeming authority for acute care hospitals.
Rick is a regular speaker at numerous state and national conferences on the CMS survey process.
Rick is nationally certified in healthcare accreditation, and serves as Chair of the Board of Examiners for the Healthcare Accreditation Certification Program (HACP). Rick has a degree in Nursing from the University of Hawaii, with a Master’s Degree in Health Services Administration.
Charles Marshall is one of the most popular humorous motivational speakers today and has over 25 years of experience speaking to audiences all over the United States.
Each year, Charles travels 100,000 miles to perform in over 100 corporate and civic venues from New York to California. His animated delivery and original observations have captivated over 1,000 audiences over the past two decades, including many Fortune 500 companies.
He is the author of several books including: The Seven Powers of Success and I’m Not Crazy but I Might Be A Carrier. He also has produced and performed two full-length comedy videos, Fully Animated and I’m Just Sayin’!
Samantha (Sam) Beasley is a culinary and contract service professional with over 20 years of experience. In 2016, she joined Healthcare Services Group (HCSG) as a District Manager.
Through her time at HCSG she had held positions of Director of Operations, Divisional Hospital Specialist and currently Director of Business Development.
CMS – Current & Future State
Speaker: CAPT Scott J. Cooper
Get first-hand knowledge on the latest in the CMS certification arena. This opening address will cover current and future initiatives from CMS and their impact on accrediting organizations and hospitals. You’ll hear directly from a senior CMS official on upcoming revisions to regulations and survey activities.

Artificial Intelligence – A New Regulatory Frontier
Speaker: Susan Fenton PhD, RHIA, ACHIP, FAHIMA, FAMIA
It seems that suddenly A.I. is all around us. From medical equipment to clinical decision making, the impact on healthcare is almost exponential. Has the regulatory arena kept pace with this emerging technology? This presentation will focus on the likely challenges we face in developing a framework addressing A.I. and what we can do to prepare.

QAPI – New Regulatory Imperatives
Speaker: Christie Hutchinson, RN, BSN, MBA, CPEN, CPHQ, CPHRM, HACP-CMS
CMS has thrown down the gauntlet! It’s no longer business as usual for your QAPI program. The focus is not just correcting issues; it’s now about sustaining improvements over time. This presentation will cover the latest changes required of your QAPI program and how to be successful in this new paradigm.

The Anatomy of Law Making – From Concept to Regulation
Speaker: David Balat
One day a new requirement appears in the Code of Federal Regulations. Did you ever wonder how a regulation comes into being? There’s more to it than you might imagine. This presentation will take you behind the curtain and give you a peek as to how regulations are formed, and your best chance at influencing the process.

Survey Readiness for Ancillary Services
Speaker: Jon Jednak
Speaker: Samantha Beasley
We spend a lot of time preparing our clinical services for survey. But what about critical ancillary areas such as food services and environmental services? This presentation will cover the key challenges that face ancillary services during a survey and strategies to meet them. To be forewarned is to be forearmed!

Managing Contract Services – Recipes for Success
Speaker: Patricia Cook, R.Ph., B.S., HACP-CMS
Oversight of contract services is a key expectation by CMS and accrediting agencies. In fact, it’s a core responsibility of your governing body. This presentation will provide you with the tips and strategies necessary to effectively implement a comprehensive and sustainable regulatory compliance strategy.

CMS Termination & the Systems Improvement Agreement
Speaker: Richard Curtis, RN, MS, HACP-CMS
The unthinkable has happened. CMS is terminating your hospital’s participation in Medicare. Is all hope lost? Maybe not. This presentation will cover CMS termination procedures and a little-known process called a Systems Improvement Agreement. Rarely used, it’s the last chance a hospital has to participate in Medicare.

EMTALA – Building a Sustainable Compliance Program
Speaker: Dr. Andy Wilson, FAAEM
Speaker: Callie Wilde DNP, RN, HACP
EMTALA violations are on the rise and CMS is cracking down on hospitals that violate these regulations. You’ll learn about the latest interpretation of EMTALA requirements and where hospitals are being cited. Then, you’ll hear about one health system's successful effort in implementing an effective EMTALA training program for staff and providers.

Implementing a Proactive Complaint Management Process
Speaker: Brenda Helms MBA, BSN, AAS, RN, HACP
Let’s be honest; complaint management can be a real headache. It’s reactive in nature and by the time we respond our chances at service recovery are pretty slim. What if there was a way to be proactive in our approach to complaint management? This presentation will provide you with tips and strategies to do just that.

Psychiatric Patient Challenges in the Acute Care Setting
Speaker: Jessica Wisdom, LPC
From ED stays to inpatient medical / surgical units, caring for a patient with behavioral health needs creates its own unique set of challenges. From complying to special regulations to clinical management, compliance can be a daunting endeavor. This presentation will focus on caring for psychiatric patients and how to develop and implement an effective compliance program.

Integrating the Care Environment into Your QAPI Program
Speaker: William Kinch, MBA, HACP-PE
You’ve spent countless hours and resources to develop policies and processes to create a safe environment for patients and staff. Now its time to take the final step. This presentation will provide you with practical ideas and metrics to meaningfully integrate your hard work into the organization’s QAPI program.

Medication Safety – An Evidence Based Approach to Error Reduction
Speaker: Matthew Grissinger, RPh, FISMP, FASCP
Error reduction and protecting patients from harm is a fundamental responsibility of the healthcare industry. Medication errors continue to rank as one of the top causes of patient harm and death. This presentation will cover the latest research into error reduction strategies and tips for improving your hospital’s compliance program.

Trivial Pursuit – Can Your Team Win?
Time for some fun! Team up with your colleagues and test your knowledge of the COP’ and the CMS survey and certification process. And since it’s our 25th anniversary, see how well you know CIHQ. There will be prizes for the winning teams and lots of laughs to go around.

Inculcating a Culture of Regulatory Compliance
Speaker: Richard Curtis, RN, MS, HACP-CMS
The days of “preparing for survey” are long gone! Heathcare organizations must develop and implement systems and processes to assure ongoing regulatory compliance. This is only possible if your organization has the right culture. But how do you establish such a culture? This presentation will give you practical real-world strategies to do so.

Real Heroes don’t Wear Spandex!
Speaker: Charles Marshall
Heroes make a difference in the lives of others. They’re folks you see every day whose words and actions impact the people around them. Heroes aren’t celebrities or sports figures. Heroes aren’t the rich and famous. Heroes are ordinary people who do extraordinary things. This closing presentation will challenge you to be a hero in the lives of people around you.

September 24-26, 2024
Pedrotti's Ranch
San Antonio (Helotes), TX
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