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CIHQ Accredited Hospital Complaint/Concern Reporting Center
Please Read the Following Information Carefully
Your complaint WILL NOT be submitted and processed unless you follow the directions below.
You are not contacting the hospital, you are contacting its accrediting organization - CIHQ. If you wish to discuss your concern with the hospital, please contact them directly.
CIHQ does not investigate the following:
  • Disputes about your bill. Please contact your insurance company or the hospital.
  • Complaints regarding the medical care rendered by physicians or other licensed independent practitioners. Please contact your State’s medical board.
  • Complaints regarding personal interactions with physicians or staff unless you feel that you have been abused.
  • Complaints regarding care, treatment, or service rendered by an affiliate of the hospital that is not subject to our accreditation.
  • Complaints that are not subject to the hospital’s accreditation standards.
If you still wish to submit a complaint to CIHQ please complete the information below.
Thank You
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