Disease Specific Certification
CIHQ’ Disease Specific Certification Program is designed to recognize the provision of evidence-based best practice to targeted patient populations.

What Others are Saying!

"Our Primary Stroke program is wonderful and we have an amazing core team that have been in place since our initial certification. The CIHQ certification identifies our facility as a higher level of care to treat patients that are exhibiting signs and symptoms of a stroke. Certified facilities are required to use a structured multidisciplinary approach to care that help improve patient outcomes. The certification is also required for our participation in the state level emergency treatment system which recognized the CIHQ program. In that system, our facility is easily identified by EMS as a Primary Level II facility and helps to get patients to the nearest and most appropriate facility."
Tamara Ardoin, RN, Director
Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas
"Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center was recently awarded Disease Specific Certification as a Primary Stroke Hospital. It is important to our health system that we are able to provide the absolute best care to the members of our community. CIHQ provided direction and guidance from the beginning of our journey toward certification. Before our survey we utilized the ARS Mock Survey option and the surveyors went above and beyond educating all members of the team with the knowledge needed for this designation. Our reaccreditation and certification survey occurred in the midst of pandemic surge, yet the survey team never wavered in the process to complete our journey. We feel fortunate to have CIHQ as our partner in improving healthcare quality!"
Valerie Linke, System Licensing and Accreditation Analyst
Carson Tahoe Health
"Achieving CIHQ Disease Specific Certification in Joint Replacement Surgery is a recognition of Baptist Hospital of Southeast Texas’s commitment to provide care in a safe and efficient manner for patients. The certification has set standards that are designed to demonstrate integration of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, ongoing performance improvement strategies, and an organization infrastructure that supports continued excellence. The program places a major emphasis on the continuum of care throughout the perioperative period. This is an advanced specialty-focused certification that pays special attention to patient outcomes, promotion of team cohesiveness and consistency in care, creating a systematic approach to service line delivery, driving the organization to a higher level of excellence and fostering community."
Judy Collier, Director
Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas