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Disease Specific Certification
Disease specific certification (DSC) is designed to recognize the provision of evidence-based best practice to targeted patient populations The Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality (CIHQ) currently offers certification to accredited hospitals in the following areas:
Click on the links below to see the policies, standard, and the survey process for each DSC.
  1. Acute Stroke Ready Hospital
  2. Primary Stroke Center
  3. Comprehensive Stroke Center
  4. Heart Failure
  5. Joint Replacement Surgery
Disease specific certification(s) is not a separate and distinct survey activity. Rather, it is integrated into the hospital's accreditation survey. Certification standards are a set of focused requirements that a hospital must meet in addition to the accreditation standards.
In some cases, the overall length of the survey and/or the number of surveyors may be expanded in order to accomplish this function. If a hospital wishes to apply for disease specific certification, and have a focused survey outside of its initial or triennial accreditation survey, then CIHQ will work with the organization to develop a specific agenda and survey.
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