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Welcome to the CIHQ Hospital Accreditation Program

For Hospitals Not Participating in Medicare

Hospitals that want to participate in our program must be in compliance with our standards and requirements.
As a deemed-status provider, CIHQ provides hospitals with the tools and support they need to successfully achieve accreditation. CIHQ's philosophy and approach to accreditation is to engage with hospitals in a collegial, respectful, and educational manner; while assuring services are provided at a reasonable cost.
Please take a moment to review our standards, survey procedures, and policies.
We would be happy to answer any questions you have.
"We recently achieved accreditation with CIHQ for the first time. The surveyors were very knowledgeable and although they held us to a high standard, they were very generous in the sharing of information as a means of helping us become leaders in patient care. The one thing that impressed me the most, aside from their knowledge base, was the wonderful job they did at putting our front line staff at ease. Honestly, a true display of transformational leadership. Overall the experience was very favorable and the knowledge gained can only help propel us forward in our quest for implementing process improvements in patient care."
Patricia Faulkner, Director of Quality Management
ContinueCare Hospital at Baptist Health Corbin
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