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Welcome to the CIHQ Hospital Accreditation Program

For Hospitals Not Participating in Medicare

Hospitals that want to participate in our program must be in compliance with our standards and requirements.
As a deemed-status provider, CIHQ provides hospitals with the tools and support they need to successfully achieve accreditation. CIHQ's philosophy and approach to accreditation is to engage with hospitals in a collegial, respectful, and educational manner; while assuring services are provided at a reasonable cost.
Please take a moment to review our standards, survey procedures, and policies.
We would be happy to answer any questions you have.
"CIHQ was able to get our hospital focused on the areas that urgently needed our attention. They placed the right amount of attention on improving our care needs. CIHQ was great with answering our questions and explaining the rational for each problem. Improving our patient care was everyone’s goal. Not just stating what problems or issues we had but giving the solutions and examples made it easier and faster to resolve the problems.

CIHQ´s process from first contact and all the way though to becoming an accredited hospital validated that we made the right decision. The process was more educative versus punitive or demeaning as compared to other AO’s I have experienced. It gave us peace of mind to know that we partnered with an AO with such professionalism."
Skylier Blake, RN/Chief Executive Officer
El Paso LTAC Hospital
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