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What CIHQ Accredited Hospitals Are Saying!
"With CIHQ’s organized and systematic approach to both presurvey and survey, as well as their expertise and collaboration during survey, we know our partnership with CIHQ for excellence in quality and patient safety is the right choice."
Mary Tate - Assistant Director Quality Management
Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas
"Our Generalist Surveyor is a gifted leader and teacher. Staff in all areas appreciated his approach and the interactions during the survey process.

Our Life Safety Specialist Surveyor was a wealth of knowledge which he shared in a non-threatening way with our staff. We have a lot of work to do but thanks to Billy we now have a pathway for improvement that the crew can follow. This was the best life safety survey we have had at this organization!”

Great Job Team!!"
Colleen Sinon, VP Compliance and Risk Management
Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital
"Good survey team. Impressed with their professional appearance and demeanor throughout the survey. They were collegial and not punitive in their approach. Greatly appreciated by the team at GPH. Thank you"
Barbara Peterson, Chief Quality Officer
Great Plains Health
"I wanted to write to you and tell you about my personal survey experience with CIHQ. CIHQ has changed the stereotype of what surveys are to so many in the healthcare industry. What so many believe to be a daunting, anxiety ridden, "run for the hills if you see a surveyor" type of event is definitely not what you get when CIHQ enters the facility. In September 2020 when the team came to do our initial accreditation survey, I will admit my anxiety level was well above a 10 as I have been through many accreditation surveys in different capacities. However, within an hour or so of being with them I soon learned this was not the type of survey I had been accustomed to in the past.

I was new in my position and as we went through the process the team used every situation possible to teach not only myself but anyone who needed guidance in any area. By the end of our accreditation survey I had a notebook full of things that I had learned from them, all of which I have referenced and used throughout the past year.

When it was announced to us that we would have a different surveyor for our COE Surveys I will admit, at first I was leery. I didn't know if I wanted another surveyor. I wanted one of the original surveyors to come back because I knew if I had questions or when something was found they would educate us on exactly what we needed to do to correct it. But I am so thrilled to say that within 30 minutes of I knew that we would be treated the same. Our surveyor was amazing. She took time to educate and was willing to answer any questions we had. She made the staff feel comfortable the whole time and everyone spoke about how wonderful she was to work with after she left. We didn't want her to leave. Many of our staff members told me after “that survey was different than any other survey I have been a part of” another staff member was surprised that she didn’t get “grilled until she said or did something wrong”. I know now that this is not just a surveyor thing. It is a CIHQ thing.

I love that when CIHQ surveyors are in our facility our staff feel like they are not a "target" but that they have an extra resource if needed. I love that when the survey is over I feel like there is so much I have learned. I love that during the short amount of time the surveyors are here, it feels like they have become part of our team. And lastly, I love that I work for a hospital that chose CIHQ."
Mindy Holster, Director of Quality Management
ContinueCARE Hospital at Hendrick Medical Center
"Landmark Hospital continues to be extremely pleased with our working relationship with CIHQ. We were very satisfied with our overall experience during our survey. We feel that our evaluation was very thorough and greatly appreciate the entire team’s willingness to guide and teach throughout the process. We look forward to continuing this relationship with CIHQ."
Kaitlen Stewart, Director of Quality and Risk Management
Landmark Hospital of Cape Girardeau
"We just completed our reaccreditation survey in August 2021 and CIHQ, as always, it was thorough and fair. After every survey and encounter I have with any CIHQ team member I feel I am a better healthcare leader with a clearer understanding of CMS requirements."
Michelle Mullen, CEO
ContinueCARE Hospital at Baptist Health Madisonville & Paducah
"CIHQ is always very collaborative and instructive during their surveys. CIHQ staff are courteous and pleasant to work with. As a Quality Manager, I always learn a great deal from the team, and the surveys always serve to make our hospital better."
Teri L Koch, Director, Quality Management
Landmark Hospitals Joplin
"It was a pleasure working with CIHQ in order to achieve accreditation. The surveyors used their expertise to not only guide but to also mentor us on this high-anxiety process. They were the consummate professionals and encompassed a wealth of knowledge within the Healthcare industry. There was never a time, during the process, that we felt we were in this alone…this was definitely a partnership. Our organization is so much better because of this experience. We cannot thank the CIHQ team enough!"
Dianna Cox - Chief Nursing Officer
Topeka ER & Hospital
"The opportunity to work with such a professional team is always a privilege. The team that is also willing to take the time and teach while in a survey is a very special one indeed.

Your surveyors represented CIHQ in the most professional manner. Their kindness and thoughtfulness as they coached and mentored will always be appreciated by our team. It is not an easy process to go through any type of survey. We have been made a better organization for it.

I highly recommend CIHQ for all hospitals who are in need of accreditation. I have been through several, all with other names and there is no one better! Thank you CIHQ!"
Kimberly A. Valerio, Chief Nursing Officer
Albuquerque ER & Hospital
"Our CIHQ survey went smoothly! The survey team conducted the survey with precision and in a seamless fashion. Their approach was not punitive but educational. They motivated us to improve our processes and systems. As a new DQM, this was my first experience undergoing a re-accreditation survey under the CIHQ accreditation body and I feel that this was educational and I learned significantly throughout the process."
Janet Monroe, Director of Quality Management
Solara Specialty Hospitals Harlingen-Brownsville
"The CIHQ survey was unlike others I’ve experienced in my career. The surveyors were communicative and reasonable, offering functional and realistic recommendations. We sensed we had a true partner in our goals to excel in providing safe and quality care. Our team felt supported and learned so much from the process that was administered with kindness, humor, and grace. Thank you for putting our staff at ease making this survey educational and positive."
Erika Kaye, Chief Executive Officer
Reunion Rehabilitation Hospital Denver
"Our survey with CIHQ was very thorough and fair. Mr. Curtis and Ms. Burgkwist were very knowledgeable and served as great teachers on items we needed to improve on. We look forward to working with CIHQ in the future to further improve our organization."
Chris Simpson, Chief Executive Officer
Cornerstone Hospital West Monroe
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