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What CIHQ Accredited Hospitals Are Saying!
"In the months leading up to accreditation, the CIHQ administration was attentive to our questions and helped guide our team to success. The surveyors arrived at our facility with a positive perspective, making the accreditation process enjoyable. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to partner with CIHQ to ensure the most optimal care for our patients."
Carmen West, Chief Nursing Officer
Tucson ER & Hospital
"Our experience working with CIHQ has been very positive. The survey team is very professional and knowledgeable! They create an educational environment by allowing staff to be comfortable when interacting with them. They have helped our organization be able to provide the quality of care that our community deserves."
Trish Spatz, Assistant Director of Quality
Shannon Medical Center
"Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals of Austin and Round Rock are thrilled to receive their Accreditation from CIHQ, in addition to the Center of Excellence for Respiratory Services and the Center of Excellence for LTACH designations. The entire accreditation and certification process was conducted in a collegial, professional and expert manner. Receiving these designations is a significant achievement for our staff and a great symbol of the hard work that they have done in developing our clinical product here in the Austin and Round Rock area. Our partnership with CIHQ is invaluable to us as we continually seek to improve our care."
Curt L. Roberts, Market Chief Executive Officer
Cornerstone Hospitals of Austin and Round Rock
"CIHQ’s staff is remarkably knowledgeable and informative of Federal, State and local compliance regulations. The Accreditation process with CIHQ has left an indelible impact with Spring Hospital."
Felicia Bradley, Quality Director
Spring Hospital
"The survey was both fair and informative. It was obvious from the beginning that the surveyors were knowledgeable, wanted to help us, but were also thorough. Surveys are never "enjoyable" per se, but this team was both enjoyable and helpful as we went through the survey process. This was a definite change from the organization that had performed our previous survey. We were overall very pleased."
Curtis Powell, VP of Quality and Compliance
Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation
"This was Indiana Regional Medical Center’s second re-certification survey for our Joint Replacement and Primary Stroke Programs. The survey process has allowed us to improvement the care we provide to patients through both of these programs. Each survey has been conducted with a collaborative tone set by the professional CIHQ survey team, which has allowed us to learn new and more efficient ways to meet and exceed the disease certification standards, and the quality of care we provide to our patients! Thank you CIHQ!"
Virginia Hostetter, Director
Indiana Regional Medical Center
"The library of resources that CIHQ offers its clients has allowed us the ability to set attainable quality standards. The team is thorough yet, informative and resourceful. We are beyond pleased with our experience."
Erin Roes, Chief Nursing Officer
Alexandria Emergency Hospital
"CIHQ was a true partner in education, compliance and accreditation. The efficiency in which the survey process was conducted, and the communication leading up to and after the survey were paramount for founding our new hospital. We are privileged to know our accreditation body as individuals, not just an agency."
Alaina Friest, Director of Organizational Quality
Grand Island Regional Medical Center
"The accreditation process with CIHQ, is by far one of the best experiences I’ve had, in all of my years in healthcare (34). It was very timely, collaborative, and educational. Leadership and staff alike, thought the survey itself was well organized, professional, and a true learning experience. The surveyors were so open to discussion and collaboration, that it really put the leaders and staff at ease. Thank you CIHQ, for being the embodiment of what a survey process should feel and look like. Proud to be part of the Family."
Stephen Cuthbertson, Executive Director of Risk, Performance Improvement and Quality
College Medical Center
"We underwent a reaccreditation survey and a re-designation survey for our Center of Excellence in Long Term Acute Care, as well as a survey to obtain the Center of Excellence designation in Respiratory Services.

Although there was lots of ground to cover, CIHQ made us feel at ease. The environment was one of learning and dialogue, and never presented as punitive or got you moments. The team was professional, knowledgeable and well-versed in regulatory throughput."
Brian Stroman, Director Quality Management
Carolinas ContinueCare Hospital at Pineville
"As the CEO of Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital Clarksville and having been the CEO and Corporate Director of many hospitals in my tenured career, I understand all too well the accreditation survey process, the perceived apprehension and potential challenges. However, having been thru numerous surveys in my 30-year professional career, I can easily state without a doubt that my experience with the CIHQ accreditation team and corporation not only lacked the aforementioned, but was informative, educational and carried out with the highest level of professionalism. We are proud to partner with CIHQ to provide the highest level of patient care to our patients and the community we serve."
Waylon Maynard, Chief Executive Officer
Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital
"The CIHQ survey was thorough and fair. The surveyors were very professional and explained the process as it was happening. We are confident that Lafayette Physical Rehabilitation Hospital will be able to use the results of the survey to continue to provide excellent patient care."
De Sha Lee, Director of Quality
Lafayette Physical Rehabilitation Hospital
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