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What CIHQ Accredited Hospitals Are Saying!
"This CIHQ experience was very organized and extremely informative. The entire process was easy to follow and the open communication with the CIHQ team was helpful, detailed and very effective. Having past working experiences with surveys, CIHQ ranked high on the list as of one of the best organized accreditation surveys."
Greta A. Green, Chief Nursing Officer
ContinueCARE Hospital at Palmetto Baptist Health
"Approximately nine months ago, PIH Health Hospital – Downey began seeking a different general acute hospital accrediting survey experience; one in which staff, physicians and leadership would undergo a collaborative, educational opportunity during the survey process. Fortunately, we were familiar with The Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality (CIHQ) through their consulting services related to past accreditation survey preparation with PIH Health. We selected CIHQ as our accrediting agency early in 2017 and underwent our first survey with them in June 2017. The process was well defined and organized throughout the entire three day survey and communication from the surveyors was frequent and thorough. The focus on CMS conditions of participation was refreshing and the surveyors interpretation of the standards was clearly communicated in an easily understood style. Several staff, physician and leaders commented post survey on being pleasantly surprised with the cooperative approach by the surveyors and stated this was the best survey experience they have encountered in their careers. For myself, instead of three days of stress and anxiety, the survey was a positive educational experience and I am grateful to Rick Curtis and his team for imparting their knowledge to us in such a professional and collaborative manner. I look forward to our continued relationship with CIHQ."
Ramona Pratt, Chief Operating Officer
PIH Health Hospital - Downey
"Our survey with CIHQ was very thorough and fair. Mr. Curtis and Ms. Burgkwist were very knowledgeable and served as great teachers on items we needed to improve on. We look forward to working with CIHQ in the future to further improve our organization."
Chris Simpson, Chief Executive Officer
Cornerstone Hospital West Monroe
"Having been in healthcare for more than 30 years, I had never had the experience during survey prep or the survey process as I had with CIHQ. The process was concise, informative and very professional. It was a positive learning experience for all of the team. Thank you."
Stephanie Hyde, Chief Executive Officer
ContinueCARE Hospital of Tyler
"Switching To CIHQ was one of the most rewarding decision I have made for Atrium Hospital, CIHQ is a true partner in health care. They are professional and easy to work with. We were quite ready when we were visited by the State for a survey validation. I highly recommend CIHQ as the accreditation body for all LTAC hospitals."
Ahmad Zaid, Chief Executive Officer
Atrium Medical Center
"I would like to say, as the facility administrator and a RN, I thought that the surveying team was beyond excellent. It was a survey that had actual value for our facility and our patient’s safety. The process was extremely collaborative, thought provoking and most of all, led by an intelligent, common sense oriented team. Overall it was an excellent experience."
Kelly Wilcher, Chief Executive Officer
Carson Tahoe Continuing Care Hospital
"As a new hospital, we interviewed all the Medicare accrediting bodies, after which we felt CIHQ was the best choice. Now, after having gone through the accreditation process with CIHQ, experiencing their team and their process, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we made the absolute right decision!"
Tad Tomaseski, Chief Executive Officer
icare Rehabilitation Hospital
"We recently achieved accreditation with CIHQ for the first time. The surveyors were very knowledgeable and although they held us to a high standard, they were very generous in the sharing of information as a means of helping us become leaders in patient care. The one thing that impressed me the most, aside from their knowledge base, was the wonderful job they did at putting our front line staff at ease. Honestly, a true display of transformational leadership. Overall the experience was very favorable and the knowledge gained can only help propel us forward in our quest for implementing process improvements in patient care."
Patricia Faulkner, Director of Quality Management
ContinueCare Hospital at Baptist Health Corbin
"We appreciate the guidance regarding policy development and processes from CIHQ consulting arm while preparing to open the hospital. CIHQ was very responsive, helpful and professional throughout the entire survey process. During the survey, we appreciated the friendly attitudes, educational approach and helpful tips we received to better equip us to serve our patients while maintaining CMS compliance. Great job!"
Svetlana Mijalski, Director of Quality Management
Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital of Surprise
"The Cornerstone Hospital Little Rock team truly appreciated our recent experience with the CIHQ team. They were extremely helpful, consultative and we felt that we will be even better able to care for our patients based upon their input."
James H. Rogers, Chief Executive Officer
Cornerstone Hospital Little Rock
"The leadership team, supervisors and staff of GBRH all found CIHQ to be a very knowledgeable and helpful partner while navigating the accreditation process. The onsite survey was extremely comprehensive and helped us identify some areas where we could improve the way we deliver healthcare to our patients. Each member of the CIHQ team proved to be helpful & accommodating throughout every step of this process; we could not ask for a better partner & accrediting organization."
Brent Hanson, Chief Executive Officer
Great Bend Regional Hospital
"Our accreditation experience with CIHQ was nothing like typical surveys from our past surveys by TJC or our state agency. Our surveyors were polite¸ approachable¸ pleasant and exceptionally knowledgeable; they were very efficient and respectful of everyone’s time. Opportunities were pointed out with suggestions on how to improve¸ and it was clear that CIHQ had the same goal as IRMC - to help us provide the best and safest care possible."
Virginia Hostetter¸ Director¸ Quality Initiatives & Resources
Indiana Regional Medical Center
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