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What CIHQ Accredited Hospitals Are Saying!
"I don't think in 35 years I’ve ever told surveyors thank you, but it is time. Thank you! We are appreciative of your collegial and consultative approach to the survey with the mindset of improving our performance versus finding ways to denigrate the hard work my team performs on a daily basis. It was a refreshing change. On behalf of my team, our board and CHC, thank you for what you’ve done for us as well as making our industry human again by focusing on the things that matter. I look forward to a long and productive partnership with CIHQ. You are welcome in our facility any time."
John M. Yeary, Chief Executive Officer
Freestone Medical Center
"Our experience with this survey was positive all around. The CIHQ team were very knowledgeable on the standards and explained everything thoroughly. They were friendly and engaging during the entire survey. The process helped us to improve our quality of care."
Laura Velasco, Director of Quality Management
Cornerstone Hospital of Southeast Arizona
"This is the second time I have had the privilege of working with the CIHQ Team. I just wanted to take moment to thank you all for your professionalism and education moments. It is greatly appreciated and we look forward to a prosperous future."
Keith Carruth, Regional Director of Operations
Acadiana Management Group
"A little over a year ago, our sister hospital underwent an initial accreditation survey with CIHQ. We watched as CIHQ conducted the survey with education, collaboration and teaching as the cornerstones of the survey process. In our efforts to standardize care across our enterprise, it made sense to standardize our accrediting agencies for both hospitals. The CIHQ team did not disappoint. Universally, staff feedback was extremely positive. The process was well organized and the surveyors kept an open line of communication throughout the survey. We are encouraged to know we now have a true partner as we navigate the ever-changing environment of hospital regulations!"
James R West, President and CEO
PIH Health Whittier
"Thank you for your time and investment in the quality of our hospital. Our team could not be more pleased with our accreditation survey experience from start to finish. It is undeniable that the CIHQ team has a passion for high quality care and safety. We are grateful for your guidance, feedback, and support. Looking forward to our next survey."
Kara Turnage, Director of Quality Management
Cornerstone Hospital Conroe
"CIHQ is an exceptional organization with knowledgeable staff. The surveyors are supportive, and they provide consultative feedback whenever needed. CIHQ resources are endless and readily available on their website, links and library, and by email. CIHQ combines professionalism and humor, making a regulatory topic fun to work on! Thank you for making our first survey experience a good one."
Matt Wenzel, Chief Executive Officer
Great River Medical Center
"The CIHQ survey was thorough and fair. The surveyors were very professional and explained the process as it was happening. We are confident that Lafayette Physical Rehabilitation Hospital will be able to use the results of the survey to continue to provide excellent patient care."
De Sha Lee, Director of Quality
Lafayette Physical Rehabilitation Hospital
"As a small, independent healthcare provider, our experience with CIHQ has been nothing but excellent! They helped us in every step of the process from the navigating the CMS application, preparing for the site survey, and assisting with our Corrective Action Plan. CIHQ was truly collegial and provided a multitude of suggestions for improvement. Their consultation never waivered from the patient perspective. We look forward to many years of partnership with CIHQ."
Jon Venuti, Director of Operations
Brazos Valley Hospital
"Our facility had a very positive experience with the CIHQ surveys. CIHQ is collaborative and instructive and it is obvious they are very concerned with helping our facility to become more compliant, while at the same time we had a very strong sense that performance excellence and true compliance with CMS conditions of participation are of primary importance to CIHQ. Additionally, CIHQ provides some very useful tools, such as WebEx’s and forms that help our facility to become compliant and successful, my only regret is that we have not used more of them."
Teri Koch, Director, Quality Management
Landmark Rehabilitation Hospital of Joplin
"Our experience with CIHQ for initial accreditation was unparalleled. While others’ survey processes can seem counter-intuitive, CIHQ’s goal for the survey matched our facility’s: to ensure we provide safe, excellent care to our patients. We are very thankful for their kindness, professionalism, and prompt responses throughout the process!."
Melissa Hampton, Director of Quality
Sayre Community Hospital
"To earn a CIHQ Hospital Accreditation, Jellico Community Hospital was evaluated in a thorough and fair assessment. The survey team was knowledgeable and provided additional information for the best practice for improvement."
Angie Jones, Administrative Director, Quality/Compliance Officer
Jellico Community Hospital
"Our experience with the CIHQ accreditation survey was very pleasant. Rick and his team were very professional and explained the entire process for our survey. The surveyors took the time to educate the staff as they went along. I am looking forward to our next survey for Center of Excellence!"
Kathy DeVore, Chief Executive Officer
Arkansas Continued Care Hospital of Jonesboro
"During our survey with CIHQ we felt like the surveyors understood all of the aspects of acute and sub-acute care that we provide - they readily offered education and suggestions in areas that needed improvement, while also being very gracious and complimentary on the areas where we excel. Overall, a great team to work with!"
Jennefer Frost, Director of Nursing/Administrator
Hacienda Children’s Hospital
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