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What CIHQ Accredited Hospitals Are Saying!
"We are thrilled to achieve our accreditation — a lot of hard work and commitment from our staff and physicians to complete this undertaking. I have been through surveys with the Joint Commission, as well as DNV. It is the third facility opening I have participated in and the most responsibility I have carried. CIHQ is an excellent way for smaller facilities to achieve accreditation. I feel the level of knowledge that our survey team brought was second to none. They answered every question we had. The survey is straightforward from start to finish. Their patience and openness made a stressful event into something that was fun and imparted learning to our team. Obtaining our CIHQ Accreditation reflects our dedication to a higher level of performance and patient care, not just to us, our team, but to our community in which we serve."
Kimberly A. Valerio, Chief Nursing Officer
Albuquerque ER & Hospital
"Prior to survey, CIHQ provided Cobalt El Paso with the survey agenda and activity guide which details all needed documents at the time of their visit. This helped us to be fully prepared for the survey and provided our surveyors with the ability to perform a seamless and thorough document review. Our surveyors were very courteous and considerate. They informed us of any deficiencies throughout the survey and what we needed to do to correct the deficiency. They provided excellent education that was relative to the standards. The whole survey process was enjoyable. Cobalt and Curahealth are pleased to be a partner with CIHQ for our accreditation process."
Kimberly Montes, Corporate Dir. of Clinical Services
Curahealth Hospitals
"Our experience working with CIHQ, toward our hospital accreditation was very positive. The CIHQ surveyors were knowledgeable, supportive and fair. CIHQ’s resources and tools were extremely helpful and beneficial toward our survey success. We are excited to be in a partnership with CIHQ and look forward to our accreditation future with them. We would like to thank all CIHQ staff for their support and guidance through our accreditation process."
Ruth Sladek, Director of Nursing
Midwest Surgical Hospital
"We are so honored to have achieved accreditation through CIHQ for Everest Rehabilitation, Temple TX. The tools and techniques provided to us during survey have ensured that we achieve our goal of providing the best quality of care. We really appreciate the educational approach. As soon as they stepped into your facility, they instantly put you at ease and let you know that they are here to help. Truly help!"
Michael Hutka, Chief Executive Officer
Everest Rehabilitation Hospital Temple
"We recently had our first accreditation survey with CIHQ and the experience was such a positive one. The educational materials, webinars and guidance documents for survey preparation provided from CIHQ made the process and expectations very clear from onset. The CIHQ team was excellent to work with during our survey and imparted a wealth of knowledge in ensuring our facility aligns with CMS COPs in just a short few days. We look forward to our partnership with CIHQ!"
Kelli Schenk, Director of Quality Management
OKC-AMG Specialty Hospital
"CIHQ provided us with the ability to assess our level of performance in relation to established standards and to implement ways to continuously improve our processes. They are very knowledgeable, informative and offer education and resources in order to provide our facility with the quality of standards in order to be awarded the CIHQ Hospital Accreditation. The complete experience was professional, organized, and committed to making sure that our hospital is able to provide our community with high quality care and overall safety."
Judy Farrar, Chief Nursing Officer
Oklahoma ER & Hospital
"Working with CIHQ is the smartest move any hospital can make for their initial survey experience. From the beginning, the process felt like a team "effort" and success was on everyone’s mind. Through my years of navigating healthcare systems and different accreditation processes, I truly believe CIHQ is the best choice as an accrediting partner."
Joel Kay, Owner
Arete Healthcare, LLC
"Our experience with CIHQ has been exceptional. Seeking a high-level of accreditation can be daunting, but CIHQ truly offers a partnership that helps navigate the process and acts as a resource that helps us achieve even higher levels of quality so we can provide the best care possible. The survey team is fair, professional, thorough and really helped alleviate the stress that this kind of process usually brings. We’ve had unanimously positive responses from our staff applauding CIHQ’s process and commitment to patient experience and safety. This is a partnership that we’re very excited to be a part of."
Jack Kaup, Chief Executive Officer
Black Hills Surgical Hospital
"I am quite pleased with how CIHQ approached, handled and managed the entire accreditation process. Superb and professionally done! Gratefully from Saint Camillus Medical Center Physicians and Staff."
Corazon Ramirez, MD, President
Saint Camillus Medical Center
"CIHQ was able to get our hospital focused on the areas that urgently needed our attention. They placed the right amount of attention on improving our care needs. CIHQ was great with answering our questions and explaining the rational for each problem. Improving our patient care was everyone’s goal. Not just stating what problems or issues we had but giving the solutions and examples made it easier and faster to resolve the problems.
CIHQ´s process from first contact and all the way though to becoming an accredited hospital validated that we made the right decision. The process was more educative versus punitive or demeaning as compared to other AO’s I have experienced. It gave us peace of mind to know that we partnered with an AO with such professionalism."
Skylier Blake, RN/Chief Executive Officer
El Paso LTAC Hospital
"Our experience working with CIHQ on our initial accreditation was very informative and collegial. The team from CIHQ put our associates at ease, and used the opportunity to educate. The tools and resources on their website were very helpful in preparing for the site visit and any action planning needed."
Carrie Zbierski, Chief Nursing Officer
North Texas Medical Center
"Working with CIHQ was a productive and supportive experience. The surveyors were fair and concise in their analysis and recommendations. They employed an educational approach verses a punitive approach that I have experienced with other accreditation entities."
Ken Damico, Chief Executive Officer
AMG Specialty Hospital
"We appreciate the guidance regarding policy development and processes from CIHQ consulting arm while preparing to open the hospital. CIHQ was very responsive, helpful and professional throughout the entire survey process. During the survey, we appreciated the friendly attitudes, educational approach and helpful tips we received to better equip us to serve our patients while maintaining CMS compliance. Great job!"
Svetlana Mijalski, Director of Quality Management
Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital of Surprise
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