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What CIHQ Accredited Hospitals Are Saying!
"This was our first CIHQ accreditation survey. It was very different from previous surveys and definitely in a positive way. We really appreciated the schedule and flexibility throughout the survey. They did a great job communicating additional information that was needed and the timeframe to get it to them. Everyone was very professional, respectful and helpful throughout the survey. We appreciated them helping answer general questions and providing education on resources available in the CIHQ portal. Thank you."
Becky Stoltz, Director of Quality
Spencer Municipal Hospital
"Our team leader was very professional, she was explanatory when asking follow up questions. She was great with time management and I felt overall for my first CIHQ experience it went very smooth.

Our generalist surveyor was also very professional while here, she took time to explain things needed and also why they were needed. She was very quick to assist when a question was asked of her and she was great with the staff.

Our life safety survey was very knowledgeable and advisable. He was able to provide insight into the what he was needing and why it is needed. He was also able to assist in helping going forward for managing of records etc., that will help on future surveys."
Reinee Smith – DQM
Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Shawnee
"Our team leader was great at educating us on areas where we need to improve, providing suggestions. She was very professional.

Our generalist surveyor was also great at educating and pointing out areas of improvement and making recommendations.

Our Life Safety surveyor was great, he welcomed out landlords who are new and gave education on what is looked at during a survey. This was not only helpful for them but they in turn had items found immediately addressed which in turn was good for AMG."
Cindy Gauthier, Director of Quality
Albuquerque-AMG Specialty Hospital
"Our team leader was very friendly and made the staff feel at ease (this was very important to us since our staff were so nervous). She was very approachable, and had the ability to explain the standards for our understanding. Chart review is a mind numbing process on the best of days, but she was always patient and always referred back to what our policy said we would do. She helped us think about how our process followed the standards and how we might think about doing it She presented this to us in a way, that we had not previously noticed. I felt as though she was our "partner" in the accreditation process. She portrayed a willingness to help us become a better version of ourselves as a facility.

I spent the most time with our generalist surveyor. She was a very thorough, comprehensive surveyor which I appreciated. She was able to share with us details in our policies and practices that may need clarification in order to more clearly follow the CoP's and standards. I have always said; "Policy should follow practice and practice follow policy", and we want to be better. She gave us suggestions on how we could do that. Her insight to process and her suggestions were very helpful. As I said earlier, I felt she was a "partner" with us in the accreditation process.

Our Life Safety surveyor was very thorough and demonstrated an extensive knowledge of the standards related to life safety and EOC. His interaction with our host facility was professional and informational. As mentioned with the previous two surveyors, he made us feel that he was a "partner" with us in the survey process and a great resource as we continually strive to improve. "

Patricia Faulkner, Director of Quality Management
ContinueCare Hospital at Baptist Health Corbin
"Thank you! As a first time survey leader, I did not know what to expect. The survey process was not as stressful as I thought it would be due in part to the positive attitudes of the surveyors. They were very pleasant to work with and I look forward to having them visit with us again."
Toi Grimm, Director of Quality
Cornerstone Hospital Little Rock
"Our team leader was amazing! She was extremely helpful with locating resources we needed and genuinely appeared to enjoy being in our facility. She treated my staff with kindness and respect. She also looked for ways to help us be better as an organization, ways to streamline processes while remaining compliant and offered tips that made a mountain feel more like a molehill. As much as we were hoping for Rick to show up, our experience with our survey team was equally as positive! Our life safety specialist was great! He worked with our Plant Ops Director so well and was very complimentary of his approach to maintain the facility."
Nicki Hagan, Chief Nursing Officer
Freestone Medical Center
"Our team found our surveyors kind, considerate of our circumstance (COVID high numbers, changes of leadership) and respectful. Our team learned a lot and found the survey to be meaningful. Unfortunately one of our surveyors had a personal emergency however; CIHQ sent a backup and we enjoyed her so much.”"
Holly Bush, Chief Quality Officer
Nevada Regional Medical Center
"Our survey team was very knowledgeable and I appreciate all the education and insight to CMS regulations that they provided. All good things to say about CIHQ. Thank you for making our survey process great!"
Stephine Kusek, Director of Quality Management
Reunion Rehabilitation Hospital Phoenix
"The CIHQ team is courteous, supportive and knowledgeable. They put staff at ease which allows for great communication! Our team leader made sure the environment for learning from the survey was a top priority and thus ensured areas needing improvement would be successfully managed so that our patients can benefit. Our Life Safety Specialist demonstrated excellent communication and invested time in leaving the team prepared and educated so outcomes result in success ensuring better and safer services. "
Lorinda Smith, Corporate Director of Quality
Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Southeast Arizona
"PIH Health always appreciates that our team leader sets the tone of a collaborative survey from the beginning. It is a 'safe' environment for the staff to ask questions and receive feedback and our life safety specialist always gives us the opportunity to provide additional information to support compliance and this is much appreciated."
Judy Pugach, VP Regulatory Affairs
PIH Health Whittier
"With CIHQ’s organized and systematic approach to both presurvey and survey, as well as their expertise and collaboration during survey, we know our partnership with CIHQ for excellence in quality and patient safety is the right choice."
Mary Tate - Assistant Director Quality Management
Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas
"We appreciate the guidance regarding policy development and processes from CIHQ consulting arm while preparing to open the hospital. CIHQ was very responsive, helpful and professional throughout the entire survey process. During the survey, we appreciated the friendly attitudes, educational approach and helpful tips we received to better equip us to serve our patients while maintaining CMS compliance. Great job!"
Svetlana Mijalski, Director of Quality Management
Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital of Surprise
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