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What CIHQ Accredited Hospitals Are Saying!
"The opportunity to work with such a professional team is always a privilege. The team that is also willing to take the time and teach while in a survey is a very special one indeed.

Your surveyors represented CIHQ in the most professional manner. Their kindness and thoughtfulness as they coached and mentored will always be appreciated by our team. It is not an easy process to go through any type of survey. We have been made a better organization for it.

I highly recommend CIHQ for all hospitals who are in need of accreditation. I have been through several, all with other names and there is no one better! Thank you CIHQ!"
Kimberly A. Valerio, Chief Nursing Officer
Albuquerque ER & Hospital
"Our CIHQ survey went smoothly! The survey team conducted the survey with precision and in a seamless fashion. Their approach was not punitive but educational. They motivated us to improve our processes and systems. As a new DQM, this was my first experience undergoing a re-accreditation survey under the CIHQ accreditation body and I feel that this was educational and I learned significantly throughout the process."
Janet Monroe, Director of Quality Management
Solara Specialty Hospitals Harlingen-Brownsville
"The CIHQ survey was unlike others I’ve experienced in my career. The surveyors were communicative and reasonable, offering functional and realistic recommendations. We sensed we had a true partner in our goals to excel in providing safe and quality care. Our team felt supported and learned so much from the process that was administered with kindness, humor, and grace. Thank you for putting our staff at ease making this survey educational and positive."
Erika Kaye, Chief Executive Officer
Reunion Rehabilitation Hospital Denver
"I want to thank you for the culture that you have built at CIHQ - one truly that supports Improving Healthcare Quality. Not one of the leadership team had prepared for or participated in an accreditation survey at Continued Care Hospital of Arkansas. Not only is the team young in their roles, they are newly forming as a team. Your teams' educational and professional approach coupled with the thoroughness was appreciated more than you know and gives ACCH the foundation to continue to strive for Excellence. Thank you, Sally and the support staff at CHC"
Sally Parnell, Corporate Director for ContinueCare
Arkansas Continued Care Hospital of Jonesboro
"The accreditation and survey process with CIHQ is far and away the best I have experienced in my 45+ years in healthcare. The collaboration and teaching is so appreciated! The most recent survey occurred while our facility was in a COVID surge, the surveyors went out of their way to not add additional stress to staff. We so appreciate them!"
Valerie Linke, System Licensing and Accreditation Analyst
Carson Tahoe Health
"CIHQ was a partner in collaboration, efficiency, and education. The surveyors were fair and had the outlook to work with us and excel the well-being of our hospital. We are honored to receive this accreditation and feel privileged that the accreditation process enhanced patient safety at Phoenix ER & Medical Hospital. We are very grateful for our positive experience with CIHQ."
Chase W., Chief Administrative Officer
Phoenix ER & Medical Hospital
"In the months leading up to accreditation, the CIHQ administration was attentive to our questions and helped guide our team to success. The surveyors arrived at our facility with a positive perspective, making the accreditation process enjoyable. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to partner with CIHQ to ensure the most optimal care for our patients."
Carmen West, Chief Nursing Officer
Tucson ER & Hospital
"Our experience working with CIHQ has been very positive. The survey team is very professional and knowledgeable! They create an educational environment by allowing staff to be comfortable when interacting with them. They have helped our organization be able to provide the quality of care that our community deserves."
Trish Spatz, Assistant Director of Quality
Shannon Medical Center
"Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals of Austin and Round Rock are thrilled to receive their Accreditation from CIHQ, in addition to the Center of Excellence for Respiratory Services and the Center of Excellence for LTACH designations. The entire accreditation and certification process was conducted in a collegial, professional and expert manner. Receiving these designations is a significant achievement for our staff and a great symbol of the hard work that they have done in developing our clinical product here in the Austin and Round Rock area. Our partnership with CIHQ is invaluable to us as we continually seek to improve our care."
Curt L. Roberts, Market Chief Executive Officer
Cornerstone Hospitals of Austin and Round Rock
"CIHQ’s staff is remarkably knowledgeable and informative of Federal, State and local compliance regulations. The Accreditation process with CIHQ has left an indelible impact with Spring Hospital."
Felicia Bradley, Quality Director
Spring Hospital
"The survey was both fair and informative. It was obvious from the beginning that the surveyors were knowledgeable, wanted to help us, but were also thorough. Surveys are never "enjoyable" per se, but this team was both enjoyable and helpful as we went through the survey process. This was a definite change from the organization that had performed our previous survey. We were overall very pleased."
Curtis Powell, VP of Quality and Compliance
Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation
"Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas was proud to partner with CIHQ for our recent accreditation survey. The mission and vision of our facility is to ensure that patients that have entrusted their lives and loved ones in our care receive high-quality and safe care in a Christian environment. The surveyors provided professional guidance, a high level of expertise, and opportunities for improvement. Our deemed status survey was thorough, timely, and covered a tremendous amount of services, departments, and locations. We look forward to a long-lasting working relationship with CIHQ to provide a continued opportunity to guide us toward improved processes, stellar documentation and excellent outcomes. CIHQ is ensuring that the right care is right here at Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas."
Deborah Verret, VP of Quality & Risk Management
Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas
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