Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality Newsletter
November 2021

2021 “Virtual for One More Year” CIHQ Accreditation & Quality Summit – A Success!

A huge CIHQ thank you to all the participants and our partners who attended the 2021 Virtual CIHQ Accreditation & Regulatory Summit. The sessions were well attended, and we hope everyone enjoyed the presented topics. We would like to recognize our speakers from this year’s conference.
  • Alan Brander – SpendMend
  • William “Billy” Kinch – CIHQ Lead Life Safety Surveyor
  • Ann Martin – CIHQ Generalist Surveyor
  • Nick Dann – BDA Dunbar & Associates
  • Gina Miller – CIHQ Generalist Surveyor
  • Paula Sims – CIHQ Generalist Surveyor
  • David Jagrosse – RL Datix
  • Paula Barnes – CIHQ Generalist Surveyor
  • Kimberly McGuire – CIHQ Generalist Surveyor
  • Richard Curtis – CIHQ President & CEO
We are looking forward to being back in person in 2022 in Allen, TX. More information to come!