Accreditation & Regulatory Journal
May 2023

CIHQ, ARS and HACP Celebrations

We would like to congratulate the following facilities and individuals on their accreditation and achievements. Please join us in acknowledging the dedication and hard work for these organization/individuals to achieve and maintain these important milestones.

CIHQ Accreditation Programs

CIHQ Initial Accreditation Awards
Reunion Rehabilitation Hospital Peoria
Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services
CIHQ Reaccreditation Awards
Colusa Medical Center
Lompoc Valley Medical Center
PAM Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Greater Indiana
Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Muskogee
Altus Lumberton Hospital
Altus Houston Hospital
Rogers Rehabilitation Hospital
CIHQ Client Feedback - Accreditation
“CIHQ is a wonderful partnership! The survey team does their job in ensuring facility compliance with the CMS CoPs and CIHQ standards while providing invaluable education along the way! We truly enjoyed our team leader she provided excellent education. Our life safety specialist’s knowledge is unparalleled.”
Adam Walker, Director of Quality Management
“It was a pleasure working with your team.”
Shawn McCallum, Chief Executive Officer

CIHQ Certifications/Designations

Disease Specific Recertification Awards
Lompoc Valley Medical Center
Acute Stroke Ready Hospital
Center of Excellence Redesignation Awards
Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Muskogee
Center of Excellence in Long Term Acute Care
Center of Excellence in Respiratory Services

Healthcare Accreditation Certification Program (HACP)

HACP - CMS New Recipients
Please congratulate the following for passing the HACP-CMS exam! Well done, all of you! We are excited to have you join the HACP ranks!
Morrison, Tequa - CA
Winter, Becky - CO
Sarkis, Katie - WA
Abraham, Alida - TX
Foster, Patti - TX
Baken, Jessica - CO
Holtz, Lisa - GA
Huseman, Brooke - TX
Welch, Kelly - TX
Kerlee, Kimberly - WA
Sherman, Lisa - FL
Varghese, Betsy - TX
HACP - CMS Renewals
Cappiello, Maureen - NJ
Shaheen, Moayed - SA
Walters, Taylor - NC
Smith, Bernard - FL
Moore, Cassandra - NC
Lawhead, Kimberly - TX
Bieber, Elena - PA
Christen-Crighton, Mary - CA
Juleff, Gail - MI
Sanchez, Crystal - TX
Alkrisat, Muder - CA
Long, Kelly - CO
Salamone, Cera - CA
Schrumpf, Linda - FL
Sibal, Stephanie - ID
McLeod, Lou Anne - ME
Johnson, Leslie - NC
Gronert, Mary - OR
Ferrabone, Albert - IN
Campbell, Ashley - NC
Thomas, Donna - TX
King-Ruiz, Naomi - CA
HACP - IC New Recipients
Kreiling, Stephanie - TX