Accreditation & Regulatory Journal
April 2023

CIHQ, ARS and HACP Celebrations

We would like to congratulate the following facilities and individuals on their accreditation and achievements. Please join us in acknowledging the dedication and hard work for these organization/individuals to achieve and maintain these important milestones.

CIHQ Accreditation Programs

CIHQ Initial Accreditation Awards
Methodist Rehabilitation Hospital
Texas Rehabilitation Hospital of Fort Worth
CIHQ Reaccreditation Awards
Colusa Medical Center
Lompoc Valley Medical Center
PAM Health Rehabilitation Hospital of El Paso
PAM Health Specialty Hospital of New Orleans
CIHQ Client Feedback - Accreditation
“I cannot think of anything CIHQ should do differently. I think all the surveyors were as transparent as possible during the survey regarding findings. They remained respectful at all times during the entire process. Our team leader was excellent, professional and a pleasure to work with. Our generalist surveyor received positive feedback from the staff she interacted with. Lastly, our life safety surveyor had a good rapport with our Director of Facilities. He was thorough in his observations. The feedback I received was positive.”
Melissa DeBacker, Chief QAPI/RM/IPC Officer
You guys go above and beyond to make the survey experience "not so overwhelming" for staff and managers involved. Thank you for your knowledge and your guidance towards excellence.
Rhonda Anderson, Quality/Risk Manager

Accreditation Resource Services (ARS)

ARS New Members
Wadley Regional Medical Center
Glendora Hospital

Healthcare Accreditation Certification Program (HACP)

HACP - CMS New Recipients
Please congratulate the following for passing the HACP-CMS exam! Well done, all of you! We are excited to have you join the HACP ranks!
Bashiri - Amir - TX
Bolds, Janai - CA
Campbell, Bradley - IL
Collins, Teresa - VA
Connor, Wanda - TX
Corbin, Kim - PA
Dossa, Carolyn - WA
Ingle, Roxanne - CO
Kavanaugh, Cassie - TX
Martin, Linette - CA
McReynolds, Jennifer - CA
Miller, Sophia - TX
Rice, Caylin - TX
Roberts, Jenny - NC
HACP- CMS 10 Year Anniversaries
Welch, Tamara - IA
HACP - CMS Renewals
Alcaraz, Irma - CA
Allbritton, Janine - TX
Ano, Arthur - CA
Barath, Karen - OH
Berning, Donna - OR
Boullion, Leona - LA
Brown, Crystal - GA
Bunker-Anderson, Beth - ME
Carlos, Lisa - CA
Castillo, Rita - TX
Cowan, Pamela - NC
Dimas, Sandy - CA
Evans, Angela - IN
Freeman, Carmen - MD
Gless, Lucas - TX
Gray, Rebekah - CA
Jenkins, Julie - AZ
Jones, Angela - MT
Khoury, Patricia - VA
Kim, Elisa - CA
Kinch, Billy - TX
Klass, Marianne - WA
Linke, Valerie - NV
Logan, Megan - IN
Mattsson-Boze, Eileen - TX
Miller, Renee - GA
Nash, Tiffany - GA
Ramos, Eileen - NC
Roberts, Laura - RI
Roth, Amy - CA
Stonebraker, Joyce - OH
Tate, Robin - NC
Welch, Tamara - IA
Wiggins, Susan - MD
Zuniga, Cheryl - CA
HACP - PE New Recipients
The HACP PE certification demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of regulations addressing the physical environment in acute care hospitals. Content addresses key regulations and national standards in Safety/Security, Hazardous Materials & Waste, Emergency Power, Life Safety/Fire Safety, Healthcare Facilities Code, Utilities, and Medical Equipment. Well done to the followiing for achieving this incredible milestone. Props!
Campbell, Bradley - IL
Jones, Michael - TX