Accreditation & Regulatory Journal
February 2023

Partner Spotlight

Hospital Rescue
Hospital Rescue is a family owned and operated company that offers a multitude of services to assist rural healthcare facilities with a combined 50 years of experience in opening new, reopening closed and salvaging near-closed facilities as well as consulting services in corrective operations and management. We have vast experience in committee structure and organization, CMS enrollment/compliance, successful accreditation, finance and budgetary services, dietary services, life safety/plant operations, physician relations, and addition of new service lines. We stay embedded in life safety and plant operation regulations to ensure our remodel/new construction meets all federal, state, and local criteria.
Hospital Rescue is now excited to offer new services in a team-based approach with our vetted partners:
  • Ability to invest, not only from an operational standpoint, but also from a financial standpoint, in healthcare and the communities we grow to be involved in. We can facilitate this financial arm by providing short term interim loans, equity joint ventures, or outright system purchases/acquisitions.
  • We can provide customized physician staffing & emergency room coverage.
  • EMR systems based on value of acquisition and return on investment. Our partner's EMR solutions provide for individual customizations & programming.
  • We can provide a starting point for revenue cycle management evaluation & consultation via vetted partners.
To learn more about the services offered visit or email Kinzey Kelley, Co-Owner & CEO at