Accreditation & Regulatory Journal
February 2023

CIHQ, ARS and HACP Celebrations

We would like to congratulate the following facilities and individuals on their accreditation and achievements. Please join us in acknowledging the dedication and hard work for these organization/individuals to achieve and maintain these important milestones.

CIHQ Accreditation Programs

CIHQ Initial Accreditation Awards
Mercy Rehabilitation South
Texas Rehabilitation Hospital of Fort Worth
Dignity-Kindred Rehabilitation Hospital Gilbert
Dignity-Kindred Rehabilitation Hospital East Valley Chandler
CIHQ Reaccreditation Awards
Kell West Regional Hospital
Idaho Falls Community Hospital
BridgePoint Hospital Capitol Hill
Tulsa ER & Hospital
CIHQ Client Feedback - Accreditation
“It was a pleasure working with CIHQ. I look forward to working with CIHQ going forward!”
Dan Vogel, Chief Executive Officer
“Our team leader was a great clinical mind, he brought insight to things that we overlook or just dismiss as business as usual, excellent reference and resource. Our facility specialist was excellent with giving feedback and knowledge sharing ... Great Resources and really breaks it down to my facility and understanding of level of fire Safety Knowledge”.
Rusty McGuire, CNO

CIHQ Certifications/Designations

Center of Excellence Initial Designation Awards
BridgePoint Hospital Capitol Hill
Center of Excellence in Nursing Services
Center of Excellence in Respiratory Services
Center of Excellence Redesignation Awards
BridgePoint Hospital Capitol Hill
Center of Excellence in Long Term Acute Care

Accreditation Resource Services (ARS)

ARS New Members
Coquille Valley Hospital
Memorial Hospital of Gardena
Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Healthcare Accreditation Certification Program (HACP)

HACP - CMS New Recipients
Please congratulate the following for passing the HACP-CMS exam! Well done, all of you! We are excited to have you join the HACP ranks!
Aiken, Laura - MD
Drake, Mona - TX
Greenhill, Richard - TX
Lira, Susan - PA
Obermeyer, Kimberly - OH
O'Malley, Noreen - OH
Regier, Jillian - MI
Risner, Stephanie - MO
Umali, Roel - CA
HACP- CMS 10 Year Anniversaries
Constantine, Candida - TX
HACP - CMS Renewals
Applegate, Kara - OK
Bowman, Justin - FL
Byers, Vivian - TX
Cartelli, Denise - CO
Constantine, Candida - TX
Degenstein-Gartman, Katherine - TX
Geese, Michelle - OH
Glucoft, Marisa - CA
Harrison, Laura - NC
Johler, Michelle - CO
Kellom, Ellen - PA
Lopez, Reina - CA
Love, Kathleen - CA
Mansion, Yvette - CA
Matteo, Maria - OH
Pantoja, Manuel - CA
Peavy, Tana - TX
Perkins-Carrillo, FL
Randolph, Denecka - GA
Roberson, Brenda - NC
Skiles, Christal - AR
Torres, Ana - CA
Townsend, Peggy - TX
Williams, Mark - SC
HACP - PE New Recipients
The HACP PE certification demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of regulations addressing the physical environment in acute care hospitals. Content addresses key regulations and national standards in Safety/Security, Hazardous Materials & Waste, Emergency Power, Life Safety/Fire Safety, Healthcare Facilities Code, Utilities, and Medical Equipment. Well done to the followiing for achieving this incredible milestone. Props!
Swanson, Kimberly - GA
HACP - PE Renewals
Special congratulations to @Jeff Fox, AVP Facilities Management at LifePoint Health for being the first to renew and continue to represent #HACP Physical Environment.
Storbakken, Steven - CA