Accreditation & Regulatory Journal
January 2023

Partner Spotlight

Courtemanche & Associates • 704-573-4535
Courtemanche & Associates
Established in 1994, as a company whose mission was to help organizations reach their full potential through a partnership designed to improve patient safety by ensuring compliance with regulatory and accreditation requirements, Courtemanche & Associates(C&A) has been a leader in accreditation, regulatory, performance improvement and patient safety for over 27 years.
Ability and Skills
With the ability and skills needed to survey to each accreditation agency’s requirements, C&A is able to offer services to all aspects of healthcare. “Following the continuum of care, our services are designed to support ambulatory care, inpatient care, home care and hospice along with specialty care such as behavioral health and disease specific certifications.” says Pat Cook, Head of Consulting Services at C&A. We also are able to support organizations vertically. Whether the organization is seeking accreditation or certification for the first or fortieth time, whether you are brand new to the process or have experienced an adverse survey outcome, our consulting team is ready to aide and support your organization.
Uniqueness of each client
Recognizing that not all health care organizations are the same, Courtemanche & Associates customizes each client engagement based upon the client’s needs. Some of our clients begin this journey not knowing what they need, but through our client interview process and deep discussions with potential clients, we are able to help them identify the services that will lead to the biggest success within their organization.
Detailed Reporting
About 8 years ago, the team at C&A began the journey to develop its now proprietary software solution-Soar2Success. The software addressed many concerns such as the Turn-Around-Time for generating consultation reports, creating a report that was not only user-friendly but assisted the client post consultation and allowed the client to compare their current performance to their past performance. Our Soar2Success software has been well received by our clients and we continue to look for ways to continue to enhance it.
Not just mock surveys
While mock surveys are certainly in high-demand, C&A also provides other services such as interim staffing, leadership coaching and mentoring, Root Cause Analysis Review, Performance Improvement training and facilitation and customized educational programs. At the heart of every client engagement, our consultants goal is to help the organization create a safer organization that provides higher quality care.