Accreditation & Regulatory Journal
November 2022

CIHQ, ARS and HACP Celebrations

We would like to congratulate the following facilities and individuals on their accreditation and achievements. Please join us in acknowledging the dedication and hard work for these organization/individuals to achieve and maintain these important milestones.

CIHQ Accreditation Programs

CIHQ Initial Accreditation Awards
Tulsa Rehabilitation Hospital
East Valley ER & Hospital
Prairieville Family Hospital
Johnson County Rehabilitation Hospital at Overland Park
CIHQ Reaccreditation Awards
PAM Health Rehabilitation Hosptial of Houston Heights
Everest Rehabilitation Hospital Longview
Tyler ContinueCARE Hospital at Mother Francis Hospital
Surgical Hospital of Oklahoma
Pineville Community Health Center
Oklahoma ER & Hospital
CIHQ Client Feedback - Accreditation
“We would like to thank our CIHQ Surveyors for their patience with us as we moved through the survey process. They provided constructive feedback in a positive way. The entire survey was an excellent learning experience. We would also like to thank the entire CIHQ team for the organized tools and resources that helped us with our success through the survey. Thank you for supporting us and guiding us as we move forward in providing excellent service and safe care to our patients”.
Michelle George, Director of Quality Management
“The surveyors we had in during our recent reaccreditation survey were very professional and knowledgeable. We appreciate the work in surveying the hospital. Our staff has learned a great deal and we will be using the CIHQ resources in earnest moving forward.”
M. Kevin Couch
CIHQ Certifications/Designations
Center of Excellence Initial Designation Awards
Tyler ContinueCARE Hospital at Mother Francis Hospital
Center of Excellence in Nursing Services
Center of Excellence Redesignation Awards
Tyler ContinueCARE Hospital at Mother Francis Hospital
Center of Excellence in Long Term Acute Care
Center of Excellence in Respiratory Services
CIHQ Client Feedback – Center of Excellence Designation
“We are so proud of our team but as I relayed our survey results to the staff , I talked about the CIHQ surveyors. They were professional, thorough, and collaborative. We have been through a rough couple of years with the Pandemic and we very much appreciated the treatment of respect that we received from the CIHQ surveyors.”
Stephanie Hyde
Chief Executive Officer

Healthcare Accreditation Certification Program (HACP)

HACP-CMS New Recipients
Please congratulate the following for passing the HACP-CMS exam! Well done, all of you! We are excited to have you join the HACP ranks!
Abromaitis, Debra - CT
Concepcion, Luis - WI
Flowers, Susan - KY
Geisinger, Kathleen - NY
Glosson, Lauren - NC
Grayson, Suzanne - TX
Hobbs, Katelyn - TX
Klesser, Kayle - OH
Lowry, Robin - FL
Mabulay, Gines Gino - TX
Mckitchen, Jerell - MI
Mohan, Craig - CA
Napod, Ryan - CA
Niziolek, Anne - CT
Snyder, Brenton - TX
HACP-CMS 10 Year Anniversaries
Creighton, Suzette - CA
Richards, Lisa - TX
Smith, Nicola - NJ
HACP Renewals
Aldrich, Maureen - NV
Aziz, Hassana - CA
Bailie, Mary - TX
Bartlett, Andrea - OH
Berrett, Creighton - TX
Betterson, Lisa - TX
Brooker, Brian, TX
Chafin, Diane - FL
Cintron, Jaime - PR
Compton, Connie - VA
Cooper, Branetta - TX
Counts, Ruth - CA
Creighton, Suzette - CA
Crespo, Rosemarie - FL
Day, Taniqua - TX
Gadberry, LaTasha - TX
Griffin, Ginger - FL
Hayes, Valerie - MD
Hietikko, Betty - TX
Jones, Danielle - CA
Keus, Peggy - TX
Kirsch, Mary - OH
Lindsey, Carol - TX
McClanahan, Jaime - TX
Nwadinobi, Stephanie - CA
Richards, Lisa - TX
Rivera, Moises - PR
Salas, Edahrline - CA
Salehi, Shahbaz - CA
Sims, Paula - TX
Smith, Nicola - NJ
Snobar, Dima - CA
Spatz, Patricia - TX
Stephenson, Sonya - NC
Thanin, Ahmad - SA
Volek, Nicole - TX
Wilde, Stacy - OK
Zamora, Cody - CA
HACP-PE New Recipients
The HACP PE certification demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of regulations addressing the physical environment in acute care hospitals. Content addresses key regulations and national standards in Safety/Security, Hazardous Materials & Waste, Emergency Power, Life Safety/Fire Safety, Healthcare Facilities Code, Utilities, and Medical Equipment. Well done to the followiing for achieving this incredible milestone. Props!
Ader, Edward - TX
Maynard, Paul - TX
Noel, Ernasha - MD
HACP Client Feedback
“I wish I had attended his course before a hospital’s inspections; very informative and helpful.”
Aline Coutinho, Director of Nursing, United Memorial Medical Center
“The material was presented clearly, concisely, and easy to follow. Rick’s humor and stories enhanced the material. Well done!”
Karen Simpson, Sharp Healthcare System
“Excellent organization overall. CIHQ has always been very helpful whether it is about seeking help to understand a regulatory standard or educating leaders about quality compliance, etc.”
Nasima Rahimtoola, Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Houston Medical Center